Urban X

About us
Urban X (Urban Exploratory India) started as an inquiry into the psychological undercurrents of space. The appearance of subconscious structures decoded in design envelopes every aspect of our creations.

With a keen need to learn and evolve, with every project, we find ourselves rising beyond the boundaries of sensual space, and entering the realms of the subliminal and the transcendental. We draw inspiration from the everyday, and we ruminate and rummage through it in our imagination.

Ours is an approach of intuitive discovery.
Prototyping Cow-Dung (Gober) Bricks for construction.

The studio brings under its umbrella the expertise and knowledge from the branches of architecture, urban planning and design, communication design and speculative research. It is our belief that architecture is a natural process, not necessarily organic, rather, a habitual one.

Architecture is the schedule of people, realized through the architect. Architecture is routine, predictive and normal.

Urban X questions the cross identities of being urban, and seeks solutions that can bridge the gap between understanding an urban arena, and living inside one. We draw upon the irregular and the abnormal, a vagary in the system. We believe in the manifestation of variables- the possibility of intuitive informality in design.

Design Principles
ESCAPE the limited dimensions of TIME.
DISTORT the incubatory SPACE of interpretation.
DESIGN FOR the natural processes of DECAY.
CONSUME the myth-ridden layers of CULTURE.
AVOID the paradox of CONSENSUS.
EXPLODE like white-light imprisoned by CONSENT.
WALK THROUGH the invisible WALLS Other Knowledge.
RELEASE the frightful art of settling INSANITY.
DESIGN FOR the truthful dignity of DESIGN.

Ready to use Green Gober Bricks. 

We Build Great Ideas.
The Studio was set up in 2007 by Architect-Writer Vitasta Raina with a primary focus on Inclusive Urban Habitats. The studio offers a range of  knowledge-based services to local developers, corporates, learning institutes, NGOs, and governance agencies in the field of architecture, real estate and urban development:
  • Providing technical support (creative and strategic research and design products) 
  • Bridging existing knowledge gaps (marketing and communication design) 
  • Pioneering new technologies and exploring indigenous building techniques and design vocabularies
We adopt a Systems Thinking approach to design and planning, and the entropic processes of evolution over time form an integral part of the Studio’s philosophical spine.