Multivariate urban futures are proximate, undeniable and inevitable.

In our future cities, urban regions, territorial town divisions and metropolitan districts, diverse mechanisms stemming from a multitude of developmental dynamics, would steer evolutionary growth directions, leading to a plurality of predictable and unknown urban forms.

These multidimensional, variegated urban forms will be made of determinate structures-the known constants, and indeterminate structures-the unknown variables. Iso-static determinate factors can be studied, extrapolated and predicted, while hyper-static indeterminate factors need research, exploration, and understanding.


It shall be our function to study, research, and speculate future urban forms.
We shall assimilate and examine existing urbanity and urban peculiarity. 
We shall articulate, absorb, and meditate on urban philosophies and sciences. 
We shall theorize and express urban geometry and physical patterns, and we shall learn.


We are established to ruminate and reflect over new paradigms and frontiers of urban design, architecture and habitat planning. 
We are instituted to isolate, investigate, explore and inquire the nature and nuances of the labyrinthine urban realm, and the fractals of its metamorphic design.
We are brought to being to become not like the grand Library of Babel, but akin to the Polaris in the night sky, as a navigator that illuminates the path through experiment, example and expedition to chart the prototypical blueprints for the city of tomorrow.


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