Tuesday, 29 May 2018

New Financial Year, New Focus

From the desk of Vitasta Raina
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We're in the beginning of a new year, and our current focus of deliberations will be in the realm of Affordable Housing particularly exploring the PPP (Public Private Partnership) Model under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana -Housing For All (Urban) or PMAY (U) Mission.
Last year we went on a lengthy discourse on the Smart Cities Mission, the product of which was our paper on 'Conscious Cities'. This year we focus on Mass Housing where the private developer plays a role in Housing Stock construction to service the EWS, LIG and Lower Middle income groups in the country.
We're always recalibrating our identity to keep pace with changing urban scenarios and hopefully the new year will bring newer and more creative and imaginative scenarios at play within the scope of Affordable Housing.
Jan Gehl once examined the nature of housing as the basis of understanding humanity itself since it brings large societal arenas inside a multi-tenement layout, putting the individual, family unit and community dwellings in close proximity to each other. Housing, in my opinion, is a fascinating study because it is the study of a public space and yet remains intriguingly personal. Where are the lines drawn between public and private and how does housing itself shape cities, societies and individuals will be the larger study narrative.

Our study on Smart Cities as Conscious Cities, and the study of cities as stellar objects will be published in the coming year. We look forward to starting the new year and hopefully our readers are also ready to switch gears and missions.

Bombay Love. Much Peace.
From the Renegades of Urban Research.

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